Children’s Ministries


Sunday School

Age appropriate lessons with faithful, godly teachers, gives young people a great opportunity in a great environment to learn about a great God.  OBC is committed to helping young people to know about God and His Word.


The Great Adventure

(Children’s Chapel – For kids 4yr. old through the 3rd grade)

The purpose of this exciting program is to help kids view their relationships with God, their families and their friends as a Great Big Adventure like nothing else they will ever experience!

We want to show them through the Bible and through the lives of our great team of adult and teen leaders just how awesome that adventure can be! Kids are encouraged to worship with their parents and the family of OBC for a part of the main Worship Service.  Then they are dismissed for a special bible study.  We want our kids to be able to say to their friends at school, “Hey, do you want to come to ‘The Great Adventure’ at my church this Sunday?  When their friends say, “What is the great adventure?” then our kids can reply, “It’s where we learn about how much God loves us and that He has invited us to join Him in the greatest adventure ever – the adventure of being in the greatest story ever –          HIS STORY!!!”



Awana is an exciting Bible- based program that is available for kindergarten through the sixth grade.  It combines a council time, handbook time, and game time. Awana meets Sunday evening from 5:00-6:30 p.m during the school year.